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This comprehensive asset management method helps us focus on our client’s needs for liquidity, income, time frames, gains, reduced risk, and flexibility. Its strategic purpose is to help our clients be effectively working towards a positive position in their overall portfolio, even in times of market turbulence.


Today’s women are better educated and enjoy career opportunities that our grandmother’s generation could only dream about. However, even today, a woman’s path to a financially protected retirement is filled with roadblocks and detours. Women tend to live longer, which implies an even greater need for savings and preparation.

The good news — small steps can lead to a giant leap in retirement preparedness, which empowers women for their future. RPR helps eliminate the guessing of retirement savings needs.


People think of life insurance for the death benefit, but most people don’t know the powerful lifetime retirement and tax benefits of permanent life insurance. Life insurance creates more long-term wealth than any other investment. And because this wealth can be income tax-free as a death benefit, it’s more valuable than a tax-deferred retirement program. It’s a powerful leverage tool that creates wealth. Life insurance is a contract between you and the issuing insurance carrier.


Legacy planning is a process that allows you to pass assets to others upon your death in the most efficient way possible. Much of the planning involves learning what is most important to you, researching the causes you believe in, finding ways to engage your children/grandchildren in your giving efforts, and finding ways to do this that are most cost-efficient, so that you can pass on the highest amount possible.

Social Security Maximization

For many retirees, Social Security represents their largest financial asset. Unfortunately, most Americans choose to begin receiving Social Security benefits without first obtaining financial advice. A well-thought-out claiming strategy can often mean the difference of hundreds of thousands of dollars in added benefits over a retiree's lifetime. We have the training and knowledge to help you select the proper Social Scurity claims strategy. 


“Income replacement insurance” might be a better way to think of this coverage, since that’s what it is designed to do. Long-term disability insurance usually replaces up to about two-thirds of your income if you can no longer do your own job. When you’re out of work because of an injury, accident, or other health conditions, agonizing about bills is just an added worry you don’t need to take on. We can help insure you in case a disability leaves you unable to work.


Our clients receive strategic, preemptive tax planning advice based on income, expenses, individual needs, and goals. This allows clients the opportunity to help minimize tax burdens and build a solid foundation resulting in years of tax savings. Additionally, we continually monitor tax law changes throughout the year that could affect our clients, and take action as needed.


Investors who run out of money to support themselves during their later years face a substantial dilemma. Annuities were created to mitigate this risk. Annuities can be a great way to ensure a steady income in retirement when the right type of annuity is chosen for a specific portfolio. They are designed to insure the contract owner against the risk of outliving their income.

*Subject to an optional income rider, which comes with a fee that will be deducted each year from the account value of the annuity.


According to the US Department of Health and Human Services, 70 percent of individuals above age 65 will need some type of long-term care services in their lifetime.* For many families, long-term care can cost as much as $84,000 annually, sometimes more in high-cost areas. Many people believe Medicare will cover long-term care, but it does not. We can help you create a solution to cover these expenses in your retirement planning process.